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7 Summer Styles That Don’t Look Good On Any Man

Each season comes with it’s own special “what not to wear” list. After all, fashion is constantly changing and evolving and not everyone always gets the memo. In order to...

Each season comes with it’s own special “what not to wear” list. After all, fashion is constantly changing and evolving and not everyone always gets the memo. In order to help those who shop at Stone Rose, we have compiled a list of fashion trends that should be avoided at all costs this summer. Trust us, you will be so happy you took our advice when you are looking back at photos of yourself this time next year. Continue reading below to uncover what fashion trends are no longer fashionable.

Sunglasses that aren’t event appropriate

You know how you have to wear a specific watch to an event like a wedding? For instance, you may wear your digital watch to work on a daily basis, but when heading to a work party or event, you probably switch it out for an analog watch. Well sunglasses should be no different. Those 5 dollar plastic sunglasses that you bought on your vacation to Fort Lauderdale are not appropriate to wear to a gala. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you choose sleek sunglasses. Chunky sports sunglasses will only look out of place and they won’t do any good for your ensemble as a whole.

Cargo shorts...enough said

We cannot understand how cargo pants are still being sold in stores. Even though you can buy them, we cannot urge you enough not to. Cargo shorts are only appropriate if you are a freshman in college or you have been transported back to the year 2001.

Wearing sandals when your feet are rough on the eyes

We know that a lot of men don’t necessarily want to go to the salon to get a pedicure. On the other hand, the alternative one of the following. You can either wear closed toed shoes all summer long which is likely to be uncomfortable or you can sport rough callus feet with sandals. Neither of these options are really ideal. Not to mention, there is nothing fashionable about showing off your feet with disgusting nails or fungus. With that said, head to your local salon or opt for classic sneakers this summer if you don’t want to get appalled looks everywhere you go.

You’re wearing tank tops

While there are exceptions to this rule (yes, you can wear a tank top at the beach or pool), for the most part, bare arms don’t really scream “style” when worn by men. Skip the tank top and instead wear a fashionable well-made polo shirt from Stone Rose.

You smell terrible

It’s easy to work up a sweat when you are being active throughout the summer. One of the worst things you can do as a man is smell bad...just ask a lady. After all, it doesn’t matter what your ensemble looks like if you smell like a sewer. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and shower often. You can also help yourself out by wearing cooler fabrics that don’t cause you to sweat immensely.

You’re pitting out

An outfit can be completely ruined if you have huge circular sweat stains under your arms. Be sure to use deodorant every day and again, make sure that you are wearing cooler fabrics when you know you’re going to be outside in the heat.

Dressing down at the office

You may not want to dress the way you normally do at work during the summer. After all, layering a button up and jacket can be extremely hot. While you may be tempted to throw on your cargo shorts and tank top, we’ve already explained to you why that would be a bad choice. If you want to make sure you aren’t going to have to deal with sweating through your clothing, pack your work clothes and change at the office after you arrive.

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