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7 Mistakes That Are Making Your Wardrobe Less Fashionable

There are oversights in everyone’s fashion choices. For example, those Crocs that you wear when you need to run out and grab a gallon of milk or that old ratty...

There are oversights in everyone’s fashion choices. For example, those Crocs that you wear when you need to run out and grab a gallon of milk or that old ratty t-shirt you still have from when you were in college that got worn on laundry days. Behind closed doors, these fashion choices are no problem. However, there may be a few things that you like to wear on a weekly basis that could be making you less fashionable without your knowledge. Check out what sort of things you have in your wardrobe that are leading people to think you may not be as stylish as they thought you were.

Your shoes are laced the same as when you bought them.

Shoes, regardless of their style, come with zig-zag lacing. This is because it looks neat and clean when there is not a foot in the show. However, this lacing pattern won’t do your feet any favors once you put the shoes on. When it comes to lacing your shoes, the best rule of thumb is to get more creative with your lacing the bulkier it is.

You’re doing pocket squares all wrong.

When it comes to pocket squares, keep it simple. Trying to get too complicated with the fold of your pocket square, or wearing one that clashes with the rest of your outfit is not a good idea.

You’re overusing your pockets.

The pockets in your blazer or your slacks are not supposed to act as storage for everything you own. Overstuffing your pockets with your belongings will only make your trousers or your suit look as though it does not fix you correctly, which is the most important part of being a well-dressed man.

Your pants are overly secure.

Plain and simple, there is no need for you to wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. Barring a catastrophic event, your pants will not come down when you have one or the other on.

You’re still wearing cargo pants.

There are few things that irk us more at Stone Rose, than to see a full grown man who is still wearing cargo pants. We don’t mean to sound judgmental, but there is a reason those things went out of style almost two decades ago, and that is because they make you look like an adolescent.

You still own slip on canvas shoes.

Sure, you may have been able to pull off slip on canvas shoes when you were still skateboarding in high school, but you’re an adult now. Invest some shoes for a grown man and leave your skater boy persona in the past along with those shoes.

You look like you are still in college when you aren’t at the office.

Even if you manage to dress well while you are at work, that doesn’t mean you should choose not to when you out of the office. When attending events outside of work or even when you are just running errands, there is no grown man with style who would be caught dead in an oversized hoodie and ripped jeans.

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