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This entry was posted on January 17, 2014 by admin. In the world of fashion, there have always been two very distinct hemispheres; essentially ‘his’ and ‘hers’. The more reserved...

In the world of fashion, there have always been two very distinct hemispheres; essentially ‘his’ and ‘hers’. The more reserved of these has historically been the men’s side. Whether by intention or by consequence, men’s styles have been by far the more reserved segment of the fashion landscape over the past few centuries.

But that is not to say that is has been without its highlights. Simplicity of design does not necessarily signal a lack of design quality, as some of the most influential looks of have also been the simplest. From James Dean’s t-shirt and jeans to Sinatra’s fedora, simplicity is in fact often at the very heart of our most cherished styles.

And this is exactly why the recent shift towards a new generation of highly versatile and functional dress shirts has struck such a strong chord with so many men of today’s generation. What was once nothing more than a piece of clothing you couldn’t wait to unbutton as soon as work was finished has now become the go-to piece of clothing for most men, regardless of the occasion.

Whether worn traditionally beneath a sport jacket or dressed down with jeans, a properly fitting dress shirt can be tailored to as many occasions as you can throw at it. And today’s generation of designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that you can now find that perfect shirt regardless of your body type or sense of personal style. Makers such as Stone Rose have perfected that art of tailoring shirts to specifically work with a man’s body, enhancing the shoulders and arms while tapering the torso for a leaner look.

What the t-shirt was to an entire generation of men, the dress shirt is now becoming. With its incredible versatility and the backing of so many reputable makers, it will continue to carve out its place in modern fashion.

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