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This entry was posted on November 14, 2013 by Stone Rose. In the world of fashion, trends can come and go almost overnight. Time and time again, we have seen...

In the world of fashion, trends can come and go almost overnight. Time and time again, we have seen this inspiration or that burst onto the scene like wildfire, only to disappear just as quickly as it showed up. But over the course of the past several years, one trend has been providing the exception that proves the rule. In board rooms and on streets everywhere, more and more men have been turning to a slimmer fit when it comes to dress shirts.

Whether worn under a formal suit, or partially buttoned over a pair of jeans and sneakers, slimmer fitting shirts have been slowly but surely redefining the way men present themselves. These shirts are tailored at the waist in order to provide a more masculine appearance. Because they taper down, they actually help to provide that sought-after “V-shape” that so many fitness magazines have been touting as the ideal shape.

This, in turn, helps to emphasize the shoulders and arms, making muscles appear larger and the waist appear smaller. This leads to a more muscular and athletic appearance than standard dress shirts, which can balloon at the waist and easily add ten or fifteen pounds to a man’s frame.

Mens slim shirts are being release by just about every major label out there, from Stone Rose to Calvin Klein. In order to attain that perfect outline, look for vertical stripes or solid colours, which avoid the wideness that is often portrayed by horizontal stripes. This will also help to make you appear taller and leaner, to go along with wider shoulders and a slimmer waist.

Whether you are heading to work or spending a day off, a more athletic appearance can help provide the confidence and appeal we are all seeking, and a well-fitting slim shirt can accomplish exactly that.

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