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This entry was posted on November 5, 2013 by Stone Rose. For the modern man, dressing the part is an essential component to success in just about any field. From...

For the modern man, dressing the part is an essential component to success in just about any field. From business to social, and from professional to personal, it is most often the setting which defines how a man should properly present himself. But with so many options now available, thanks in large part to the advent of technology opening doors to every corner of the globe, it can be difficult to navigate the fashion landscape.

It is for this reason that so many designers have been turning their focus to the versatility of the pieces in their collections. There will always be room for event-specific clothing; when a tuxedo is required, nothing else will do…ever. But there is also a growing demand for clothing that transition easily from the board room to the bar room. And leading this charge has been a newly reacquired obsession with the simple black dress shirt.

Because it can be worn in the most important of settings, the black button down is capable of handling the biggest business meetings, but still offer the versatility to be worn with a pair of jeans, or even khaki shorts during warm summer months. Whether it is under a suit or unbuttoned with a classic white tee beneath it, there is rarely a situation to which this piece cannot adapt.

Dressing the part is important…but it does not necessarily need to be complicated. Whether you are heading to the board room or the ball park, black is a color that travels well and always looks appropriate. Unbuttoned says casual, while buttoned up says nothing but business. For the modern man, there still a few staples which should be found in every closet, and the black button-down is most certainly one of them.

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