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This entry was posted on October 21, 2013 by Stone Rose. For years, the button down dress shirt has been an office staple. Whether paired with a suit and tie...

For years, the button down dress shirt has been an office staple. Whether paired with a suit and tie or dressed down with khakis, the uniform of the working middle class has long included this particular fashion staple.

And while dress shirts have certainly done their job within with working world, a whole new generation is redefining when and how it is appropriate to wear this classic piece. Modern incarnations of the dress shirt have varied quite a bit since the days of starched white linen, with a wide variety of colours and materials becoming popular as early as the nineteen seventies. In today’s world, just about anything goes…as long as it is worn with confidence. From bright colours and bold patterns to the simplicity of the all-white classic, the only rule that really applies is to throw the rules to the wind.

But what has been particularly interesting over the past few years has been the trend that has brought the dress shirt out of the office and onto the streets. From night clubs to restaurants, and from sporting arenas to downtown parks, the button down shirt is enjoying a renaissance that is seeing it challenge the all-American t-shirt for the title of most versatile piece of menswear. Whether paired with jeans, shorts, or traditional slacks, the dress shirt has never been more appropriate in all situations than it is today. The only secret is to find a piece that complements your body and go with it.

For versatility and comfort, the classic dress shirt cannot be beaten. It is at once timeless and modern, with enough wiggle room to put your own touch of style on just about any look. Thanks to the evolution of this working class staple, dressing with confidence has never been easier.

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