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This entry was posted on October 14, 2013 by Stone Rose. Every once in a while, there is a product that hits the market and almost instantly embeds itself as...

Every once in a while, there is a product that hits the market and almost instantly embeds itself as a staple. This has been exactly the case with mens polo shirts. Across nearly every segment and price point, this simple collared shirt has found a home in men’s closets around the country…and it should really come as little surprise. The polo shirt represents that elusive middle ground between dressed up and dressed down that so many of us seek, but very few of us have been able to successfully pull off, until now.

One of the main reasons that the shirt has been so successful over the past few years is that it is just plain comfortable to wear. Usually crafted from lightweight, breathable materials, modern polo shirts are designed to fit comfortably and move with the body. In the heat of summer, having the option of selecting a short sleeve shirt without sacrificing presentability can be a real game changer. And with makers such as Stone Rose focusing on quality and selection, there is a piece out there that is appropriate for just about any situation.

Of course, function without style is of little use at all. Luckily, designers have also been working tirelessly to produce polos that fit in with just about any look as well. The days of simply selecting from a few basic color options are now long gone, as more and more options are beginning to flood the market place. From classic cotton to breathable woven synthetics and from basic white to any combination of colors and patterns, there is a polo shirt for just about any person in just about any situation.

It isn’t often that a single piece of clothing crosses so many borders, but it certainly looks like the polo is here to stay.

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