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This entry was posted on October 7, 2013 by Stone Rose. As with most things in the fashion world, the level of formality with which we present ourselves tends to...

As with most things in the fashion world, the level of formality with which we present ourselves tends to go through cycles. For a little while, the trend will move towards dressing to the nines each and every time we leave the house, and then just as quickly will turn back towards an unkempt, devil-may-care sort of disorder. But for the past few decades, our working conditions have dictated that some of us be forced into a world where being well-presented at all times is simply the name of the game. Even when we are unkempt, we must do so in a manner that is presentable and fashion-forward.

Perhaps this is why the trend towards purchasing a few high quality pieces, usually mens designer shirts, has been so strong. With a shirt that has been designed to complement that body and stand up to the rigours of modern life, it is easy to pull off both the buttoned-up and buttoned-down looks without looking like you’re trying too hard to attain either.

In the office, a high quality dress shirt will allow you breathe comfortably beneath your suit, and the wealth of modern designs available from companies such as Stone Rose mean that you can have a distinct personality to your look without adding in pieces that beg for attention. Out on the street, a high quality designer shirt paired with jeans will let you loosen a few buttons without looking like you’ve given up altogether.

As a man reaches a certain point, he realizes that chasing trends is a fool’s game, and that the real key to is determine your own style, select a few quality pieces that reflect that style, and then be picky when selecting which little bits of trendiness find their way into your look on any given day. And if there is one thing that will always serve as a perfect base for any look, it is a well-fitting, high quality dress shirt.

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