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Ask anyone in the know and they will tell you that trends within the world of fashion have a way of coming full circle. Rarely does the exact same piece of clothing find a new home in a different generation, but the influences and stylistic features which make it unique will almost certainly find themselves in vogue again at some point in the future. Currently, we are seeing a major shift back toward more well-fitted clothing than we have seen in a number of years, particularly for menswear.

The days of loose-fitting menswear, particularly for dress shirts and polo shirts, are now a thing of the past as more and more men begin to seek a more sleek upper body profile. The idea is to accentuate the shoulder and arms, which will give a stronger and more masculine appearance, while visually trimming the waistline, which allows for the appearance of the more “v-shaped” torso which most men seek.

In order to accommodate this movement, clothing designers have come up with a variety of ideas which can help make fitted shirts for men more comfortable and more practical for regular daily wear. Breathable fabrics mean that body heat is not trapped close in to the body, which can lead to embarrassing armpit stains and the general discomfort associated with overheating. Many high-end fabrics now feature a blend of stretchable materials which allow for tighter fitting clothing to move with the body, as opposed to the twisting and un-tucking that often accompanies traditional fabrics.

As long as there are new ideas flowing in the world of fashion, there will be an ongoing evolution in the ways in which we implement them. From new fabrics and fits to new pieces of clothing altogether, it is important to remember that fashion may be cyclical, but the application of common sense is not.

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