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This entry was posted on September 18, 2013 by Stone Rose. Over the course of the past several generations, there have been a number of pieces of clothing which have...

Over the course of the past several generations, there have been a number of pieces of clothing which have simply come and gone. Tastes, particularly those on the world of fashion, have a tendency to be very cyclical. What is the toast of the town one day can just as easily be forgotten the next…but for men in particular, one piece has dug in its heels and simply refused to go away.

The traditional men’s dress shirt has been a staple of men’s fashion since long before our grandfathers’ generation, and will likely remain a staple for many generations to come. From well-groomed and tailored alongside derby hats and bowties, to un-tucked with a pair of jeans, dress shirts have provided a base upon which countless men have built their own sense of personal style.

Previous incarnations have been worn tightly tucked beneath three piece suits. They have been wide-lapelled, checkered, and crafted from nearly every fabric known to man. No matter how many times it is reinvented, there is something at once traditional and modern about a well-presented dress shirt.

In today’s world, the trend has gone towards fit and function above all else. In a globalized market, styles and fabrics are as varied as the men who wear them, but generally speaking men have begun to seek quality above all else. Companies such as Stone Rose represent this trend perfectly, as their line-up of high quality menswear is available in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing styles, but all follow the basic modern rules of proper fit and function.

Contouring to the body, these cuts are designed to accentuate the shoulders and arms while visually trimming the waistline. This gives the upper body a more muscular, sleek appearance without clinging tightly and limiting movement. Breathability, flexibility, and flattering lines have become trademarks of high-quality design.

It may be true that the world of fashion never stops evolving, but it is nice to know that there is still room for an all-American classic in today’s modern fashion scene.

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