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When it comes time to buy mens shirts online, there are three important variables to consider: fit, fabric and style.

When it comes to the fit, it’s important for you to know your measurements. There are three measurements that you must be aware of when it comes to shopping for dress shirts: your neck, sleeve length and waist size. These measurements are pretty simple for you to take at home, except for maybe the arm measurements. If not, you can have your measurements done at any department store.  Knowing your measurements assure that you get the right fit every time. Also keep in mind the different shirt fits: classic fit is loose, slim fit is fitted and custom fit is a combination of both.

In terms of fabric, you need to select what you’ll feel most comfortable in. The key ingredient to comfort is quality. Choose dress shirts that are 100% cotton and you’ll have a fabric that breathes and pulls moisture away from your skin. Cotton shirts are hypoallergenic and will feel better on your body. While more expensive than a blend of synthetic fabrics, 100% cotton will last in the long run.

Finally, the style of the shirts is the most important factor to focus on. The fit and fabric are all about you; style is a combination of what you and others see. However, the same rule applies: pick the style that you feel most comfortable in. Whether it’s a solid shirt or a pattern, wear whatever speaks to you. Stone Rose shirts are all designed with a bit of flair, like patterned cuffs and custom buttons. Make sure that you always feel like yourself. When it comes to style, don’t be afraid to stand out.

So the next time you buy mens shirts online, just remember: fit, fabric and style.

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