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Summer time style is a challenge for some men as the regular rules don’t apply. Summer style is more casual, laidback and carefree. But this can be confusing for some. It’s easy to say casual, laidback and carefree, but what does that actually translate to in terms of clothing? We’re here to help you so your girlfriend doesn’t have to.

You can’t go wrong with button down shirts for summer, whether you’re spending your summer in the country, at the beach or at the office. Wear one to work with or without a tie, and then roll up the sleeves for after work dinner and drinks. Headed to the beach? Wear a loose and lightweight button down. These shirts work for any occasion you might have in the summer.

The key to summer style is wearing clothing that you can be comfortable in. There are too many good times to be had and none of it should be wasted in the wrong clothes. In the summer, you should be able to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Unlike winter where you have to cover up in multiple layers, summer allows you to let loose and relax in a single layer.

There are four key factors to picking the perfect button down shirts for summer: color, pattern, fabric and fit. Summer is a great time to try out some bright colors that you wouldn’t wear during the winter months. Try light shades of green, blue, yellow, pink and purple. You can also experiment with fun patterns like stripes, checks and even paisley. Make sure you choose a lightweight fabric that breathes easily and won’t stick to your skin. Finally, choose whatever fit you’re most comfortable in, whether it’s classic or slim. Summer is all about being yourself after all.

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