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by Sandy Selic |

The summer presents a challenge for many reasons. Dieting plans begin, pants get traded in for shorts and summer slacks, and iced coffee is suddenly available at your favourite morning pit stop. The change is evident everywhere: from men’s clothing stores to gardening stands, summer calls for a major change-up. So how do you prepare for temperature change?

First of all, fold up your winter gear and stow it away. Summer is a time to celebrate, let loose and look good. Try a few things that you haven’t before, and let go of old habits. If you wear shoes all summer, try a pair of flip-flops or canvas slip-ons. If you’re a stickler for blue denim, then consider linen or cotton. The best thing about summer is that is opens up a world of opportunities, especially in the world of fashion. Men’s clothing stores usually take this opportunity to dress up their front windows with bright colours and new materials. Stone Rose embraces the change in style, changing up their clothing stock to meet the requirements of summer style.

Still stuck in your winter groove? Get out and about. Stroll the sidewalks and check out the summer street style. Chances are you’ll see fitted button downs, summer polos and tailored slacks. While summer style usually falls into numerous categories, there are also many styles that are versatile enough to bring you from morning to night. Ask your local men’s clothing stores about the best summer styles to suit your lifestyle—you might be surprised at the number of options available to you. Stock up on the styles that suit you best, and go for colours suited to your skin tone. Try a few patterns to mix things up, like gingham and paisley. And make sure everything fits (see a tailor if you have to).

Lightening up your wardrobe for summer is the best way to get you ready for the celebratory season. So get out and shop, and switch up your style!

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