Summer always calls for a wardrobe change-up. Your winter gear just doesn’t cut it. While the materials are usually denser and heavier, the colours are also usually muted and neutral. Summer calls for lighter materials and fresher colours. It also provides the opportunity to try out newer styles, from fancy men’s shirts to linen pants. In short, summer is time to play.

Not sure which style to try? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Change out winter plaid for fresh ginghams and playful paisley. Paisley is pattern that been around for years, and is currently enjoying a fashion comeback, while gingham is a simple way of brightening out an outfit. The colours can range depending on your daily routine. (Example: A fancy men’s shirt could consist of navy gingham for a suit or formal affair, yellow gingham for a family BBQ).

Say goodbye to corduroy and hello to linen pants and tailored slacks. Depending on where you happen to live, summer days can get pretty hot. And depending on the occasion, shorts aren’t always appropriate. So how does a guy keep cool and collected? Linen pants and tailored slacks are lightweight, look great, and are available in a variety of shades. They are also suitable for any number of occasions.

Store chunky knits for fancy men’s shirts. Consider a luxurious men’s dress shirt, or a tailored button down. Keep cool, and look great without sacrificing suave style. Considering the average schedule of the working man, summer isn’t an excuse to slow down—change up your style to carry you through the seasons.

Not sure where to start? Every season, Stone Rose launches a seasonally appropriate collection with a little of something for everyone, for any occasion. From tailored suit jackets, to fitted pants and beautiful shirts, Stone Rose can take you from morning to night.

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