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by Sandy Selic |

For some men, fashion comes easy. Style is something that is understood—they know what colours to pair together, and they know what shirt to wear on any particular occasion. From a button down shirt to a suit jacket, a fashionable man can pinpoint what’s necessary to make an outfit work. But some of us need a little more help.

If being fashionable comes as a challenge to you, the button down shirt is a fail safe, a safe haven in a storm. It is a versatile shirt ready to suit any occasion, from formal to casual. The greatest thing about the button down shirt? They always look good—if they are chosen correctly. But how does one do that? Here are some ideas to get you on the right track:

Make friends with a tailor: For the average man, the tailor is an unsuspecting ally. For the man who isn’t sure how a shirt should fit, a tailor can not only make sure that your shirts fit correctly, but that you know what to look for in future purchases (this can even include taking measurements)

Invest in quality: Remember, you get what you pay for. While sales are great (and should definitely be taken advantage of), a great shirt usually costs a little more, and lasts a little longer.

Choose the right colours: Take note of your complexion. If you aren’t sure, ask the nearest lady friend what she thinks. If you’re a red head, choose flattering colors, like greens and blues. If you’re a little on the pasty side, steer clear of bright whites. Certain colors can make you appear washed out, even when you’re feeling perfectly refreshed.

Arming your wardrobe with flattering basics can make the task of getting dressed every morning challenge-free, leaving you feeling as good as you look.

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