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Neutrals have always been a safe bet. From grey to black to white to beige, a neutral-coloured button down shirt has always been a sure-fire way to keep you within your established comfort zone. But with winter behind you, it’s time to spruce your wardrobe a little with warm color and luxurious fabrics.

Of course, the thought of a brightly hued button down shirt used to be enough to send a regular guy running for the hills. For most guys out there, it brings back memories of those horrendously flamboyant Hawaiian shirts and Chevy Chase movies. (It might even stir memories of your favourite chubby uncle BBQing in your backyard.) Luckily, times have changed. Wearing a shirt with a little more flavour is becoming a more commonplace thing, due to the availability of choices and styles on the market. From paisley to checked to gingham, today’s shirt is fresh, with crisp colours and tailored fits for men of every size and shape.

Stone Rose’s 2013 Summer Collection is brimming with both colour and style. Their luxurious fits and hues are ready-to-wear for making summer memories, whether you’re hacking it at the office (ugh), indulging in a night out or taking a time out ocean side. From slim fit to classic cuts, the summer line is meant to get you of out your comfort zone; it encourages the modern man to take calculated risks with his style. Paired with a great pair of shorts or a breezy pair of summer pants, Stone Rose shirts are made for any occasion.

While neutral toned button-down shirts certainly have their time and place, take advantage of the styles available to you as the summer moves in. The modern man is ready for anything, at any time, right?

So go on. Give your white oxfords a breather.

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