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Dress Shirts: Figuring The Fit

Slipping a fresh dress shirt on in the morning is comparable to the way you feel after that first sip of morning coffee: refreshed.  Of course, this is only applicable...

He wears it fitted.

That’s right, boys. You’d better make friends with a tailor, and fast. While there are new fits like ‘slim-fit’ to help you out, every man is different. A tailor can make dress shirts fit just right, from the neck to the torso. A shirt that hugs your body is a fashion-safe zone. Anything billowy makes a man look bigger-point finale.

First off, he checks the weather.

If it’s a bright sunny day, play with colors. If not, keep it muted with classic shades varying from white to blue to grey. Let nature make the colour call. Of course, if a man needs a pick-me-up, pink works wonders any day of the week.

He keeps it together.

The days of playing the rebel in high school by running around with your shirttails are gone. A tucked shirt makes a man look like he has it together. So tuck those dress shirts in every time.

He lets loose.

Yes, unbuttoning a little can actually look suave. Unbuttoning those sleeves at the end of the day is the equivalent of being in charge. A man knows when to relax and be his own man, and his dress shirts should show this. The same goes for unbuttoning those top buttons on casual occasions.

He keeps it simple.

Never get carried away with collars on your luxury men's dress shirts. Yes, learn the difference between a semi-spread and a straight collar and know what they’re used for—but a trip to work means a semi-spread, or choosing a collar than fits under the jacket. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whatever the reason is behind your outfit in the morning, make sure you do it right. After all, you never know where the day is going to take you-but you can control how good you look, so get to it.

Remember, your shirt should never have a bad day—especially if it’s from Stone Rose.

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