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Fitted Shirts For Men Represent A Timeless Tradition

Since the very first pieces of cloth were sewn together to form clothing, people have sought to express themselves by means of their dress, and some of the most tried,...

With very few exceptions of the course of the past century, even the ebbing and flowing of fashion has left the standards for fitted dress shirts for men relatively unchanged. The goal is to complement and highlight the strongest and most visually appealing parts of a man’s upper body, his shoulders and arms. To do this, designers strategically contour lines which minimize the waist while drawing the eye upwards. (Of course, there was also a period during the nineteen nineties when all common sense was thrown to the wind and men seemed content to appear as visually unimposing as possible in oversized wind sails.)

Fitted Shirts Today

Modern incarnations of the classic dress shirt have once again moved toward the highlighting of shoulders and upper arms, but there is now much more variety within the world of fitted dress shirts for men. Fabric choices have exploded, and companies such as Stone Rose Menswear have begun to supply high quality garments that not only appeal to the consumer on a visual level, but are also sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of modern life. The emphasis is, in many ways, back on doing things the old fashioned way. Quality, durability, and attention to detail are just as important as stylishness and contour, and only those designers with the ability to meet every need will survive.

From the very beginning of the modern working culture, the standard men’s luxury dress shirt has been a working man’s staple, a statement of character and personality. It has told the story of the evolution of everyone from the working class to the upper crust. From white collars and blue collars to popped collars and wrinkled collars, every men's dress shirt tells a story. What’s great about the times in which we live, is that for the very first time in history, each one of us gets to choose exactly what that story is.

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