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Relaxing The Rules About Casual Shirts For Men

One of the most difficult areas of fashion to navigate for the average person is knowing how to properly pull off casual shirts. For men in particular, the blurring lines...

Where Professional and Leisure Meet

Casual shirts for men have historically consisted of the ‘other shirts’ in a man’s closet. Dress shirts were for work and t-shirts were for weekends, leaving the others pieces of clothing to mop up all of the other social situations which might arise in a man’s life. This grey area was most often inhabited by oversized polo shirts and button downs with just a touch too much (or too little) individual flare. Essentially, the casual shirt was the no-man’s land of masculine style.

But as work standards begin to relax, more and more offices are now loosening their dress code to promote personal comfort and a laid-back sense of freedom that has blossomed alongside the tech age. Meeting in the middle for the first time on recent memory, casual wear has also taken a step, albeit in the opposite direction. More and more men are now moving away from their faithful t-shirt and jean combo on weekends, instead opting for a hybrid style that is both relaxed and presentable. Where casual wear was once the no-man’s land of style, it has now become a permanent home to a sizable percentage of working class men all around the globe.

In response to this phenomenon, more and more makers of fine clothing have turned their attention to casual shirts for men. Dress shirts have begun to fit more snugly, highlighting strong shoulders and arms.  They are being constructed for fit and flexibility, allowing the shirt to move freely and stand up to a full day’s worth of activity. Additionally, quality polo shirts, like the ones sold at Stone Rose, are a great way to look professional while remaining comfortable. From the office to the lunch date and back home again, today’s casual wear is more about making a personal statement that is carried from the board room to the backyard barbecue.

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