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Men's Button Down Shirts: The Ultimate In Versatility

The traditional men's button down shirt has been around for more than a few generations, making it one of the very few fashionable clothing items to truly withstand the test...

The Perks of the Classic Button Down

Although it has undergone a facelift with each passing generation, from flat pressed and uniform to wide spread collars in a variety of patterns and textures, the classic men's button down shirt appears to be one of the rare few items within the world of fashion and style which simply does not expire. From casual wear to black tie affairs, or lunch with friends to a weekend on the couch, the button down offers a wide range of formality and function, without having to sacrifice comfort or style.

Current trends are once again focused on the streamlining of the upper body, as clothing makers have shifted towards a slimmer fit that accents the arms and shoulders of the average man. By bringing in the waist and allowing for more flex and stretch through the fabric, many manufacturers are looking towards comfort and function as the most important factors outside of style.

The Modern Versatility of the Button Down

More and more clothing is now being tailored to help compliment the modern lifestyle, which is why versatility is also moving to the forefront of modern design. Companies such as Stone Rose, based in Miami, are now constructing men's button down shirts that not only function at the office, but also transition perfectly into a more casual environment when necessary. Enhanced breathability and even a slight amount of stretch in the fabric all come together to help create the modern version of a timeless classic.

As with many of our cultural tastes, the future of the classic button down appears to lie in diversity and individuality. With more and more options to choose from, customers are now beginning to demand not only exceptional quality, but also a style which they can claim as their very own. Looking forward, it will almost certainly be those clothing makers who are best able to provide a quality piece of clothing which is also flattering and unique in its design who will attain the greatest success.

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