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The Evolution Of Casual Shirts For Men

When I use the phrase ‘evolution of casual shirts for men,' I am not referring to the history of the casual shirt, but rather to the evolution of any given...

As a boy, and for the first small chunk of adulthood, clothing tended to fit into one of these two categories; wherever we went, we were either wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a shirt and tie. But now for the first time, more and more work environments have moved away from the antiquated standards of our fathers’ generation. Instead, there is a new hybrid, and standard of dress once reserved for very specific social circumstances, that is taking over our offices and workplaces. For men everywhere, the new standard in office attire is now slacks and casual shirts.

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For men of an older generation, this idea may seem haphazard, and almost lazy, but for many of the young up and comers of the world, it is simply the new standard. As men, we once reached an age where the three-piece suit became the uniform in which we would take on the world, but now success in the world is increasingly unassociated with dress, leaving more and more of us to opt for the comfort of casual shirts. For men who work from home, even some casual attire has become cumbersome and unnecessary.

This new era of style allows for much greater diversity and comfort in the working environment, and although it may take some getting used to, research has shown that a comfortable and contented workforce is far more productive than a presentable, but uncomfortable one. As we learn more and more about enhancing the fruits of our labour, some things have come as quite a surprise, but I would be willing to bet there weren’t many experts who would have associated higher rates of worker happiness and productivity with simply wearing more comfortable clothing.

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