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Are Dress Shirts The New T-Shirt?

For nearly four generations, the t-shirt has been one of the most prevalent staples of daily wear in nearly every corner of the world, from Bangladesh to Baltimore…but with the...

The New World Of Dress Shirts

Every artist needs a blank canvas from which to work, whether it is a pile of brick and steel in the hands of an architect, or a literal blank canvas, easeled and eager for the splatter of a painter’s brush. For many fashion designers over the past century, the most universally shared canvas has been the simple t-shirt. From three packs of blank white tees sold in bulk to unique designer creations retailing for several thousand dollars, the t-shirt has long represented the impressive scope of fashionable design.

But in recent years, it has been dress shirts, once the exclusive realm of the working man, which have flared in both popularity and diversity of design. As more and more of the world removes itself from its industrious past in favor of flickering fluorescent overheads and mass-produced cubicles, the need for individual expression in a world of prefabricated work environments has never been stronger…and there has been no shortage of clothing companies who have proven themselves to be ready and willing to answer the bell.

The Best Place To Buy Quality Men's Dress Shirts

Companies such as Stone Rose Menswear, based in Miami, Florida, have practically made their entire name based upon the strength of their dress shirts, as well as other working day staples, such as polo shirts. The variety of fabric choices has grown exponentially in recent years, ranging from bright and attention grabbing to subtle and understated. There are even different material cuts depending on season, from light and breathable summer selections to heavier, warmer options for the frigid months of winter.

A man now has the opportunity to pursue any number of looks on any given day, without having to sacrifice the formality and presentability of a well-made dress shirt.

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