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Men's Slim Shirts Play A Role In Eliminating The 'Muffin-Top'

In recent years, men’s slim shirts have become increasingly popular, as the over-sized cuts of ten years ago once again fade into the background. With this adaptation comes the solving...

Today’s shirts not only hug the body more tightly, allowing for the natural highlighting of the shoulders, but they are also cut to finish with just enough fabric below the belt line to prevent un-tucking. The majority of higher quality men’s slim shirts also work into their design just enough stretch to allow for natural movements without tugging at the fabric and causing it to come loose.

Of course, the bottom half of fashion also plays a significant role in the elimination of the parachute-look. Trousers are now sitting higher on the hips and fitting more snugly, which also creates less movement at the belt line; yet another major factor in involuntary un-tucking.

Of course, if men’s slim shirts, along with properly fitting dress pants, cannot eliminate the ‘muffing-topping’ of your work attire, the problem may also lie at the very base of your wardrobe; the undershirt. A large undershirt will essentially serve the same role as an over-sized dress shirt. It will twist and torque its fabric at the slightest movements, and will easily take any shirt tucked in with it along for the ride.

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