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Fitted Polo Shirts For Men Take Over This Fall

Admittedly, men’s fashion is fairly straightforward. Throw on a nice shirt, some crisp jeans, and you’re ready to go. With the fall season upon us, and the weather cooling, it’s...


Fitted polo shirts for men look great on their own, but can also be layered. Layering polo shirts makes for a great casual look with boyish charm. Not only are they fashionable, multiple layers are also functional; they offer men a quick way to alter their appearance and stay comfortable. Autumn weather can be notoriously unpredictable; if the temperature rises simply remove the top layer and continue on with your day.

Layers Are Always In

To keep your layers stylish and not stifling, don’t overdo it. If you plan to wear a jacket, you shouldn’t need to put on more than two polo shirts. Another way to tell if you have on too many layers is by raising your arms; if you can’t move easily or feel restrained, then lose a layer. Color-wise, have some fun and mix different colors and patterns, but try to keep the colors complementary. While great for school or the weekend, multiple polo shirts may not be appropriate for the office. Instead, try layering a V-neck sweater over your polo for a smart office look.

Fitted polo shirts for men are a classic closet staple. While the polo shirt’s origins lie in the world of sportswear, the polo shirt has become the casual shirt of choice amongst most men. Fitted polo shirts for men are a great comfortable choice for everyday wear, but also dressy enough to be accepted at the office. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you need to relegate your polo shirts to the back of the closet. With some artful layering, fitted polo shirts for men can be part of your wardrobe straight through the end of winter.


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