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5 Rules To Follow When Wearing A Suit

If you are not accustomed to wearing suits often, you might not feel completely confident when an occasion arises that requires you to do so. At Stone Rose, we are...

If you are not accustomed to wearing suits often, you might not feel completely confident when an occasion arises that requires you to do so. At Stone Rose, we are the men’s style experts and therefore, we know everything you could possibly need to be aware of when you are going to wear a suit. Before you head to your next wedding, gala or other special occasion, be sure to consult the rules below to ensure you are not making any mistakes when it comes to your formal attire.

Button Rules

Men are often thrown off by the buttons on their blazers. For starters, are you supposed to fasten all of the buttons, one of the buttons, none of them? In order to put your mind at ease, we’re going to let you in on the rules of buttons:

  • When wearing a two-button blazer, always make sure that the bottom button is unfastened.
  • When wearing a three-button blazer, you can choose to button the top two or just the top button.
  • Additionally, any time you sit down while wearing a blazer, be sure to unfasten all of your buttons.

Knowing The Right Fit

While every man’s body is different, having the right fit is truly the key to making a suit look good. Keeping this in mind, below are some of the common things you should keep in mind if you are curious whether or not your suit is fitting you the way it should be.

  • Shoulder Fit: When wearing a blazer, it should lay flat on your shoulder. The seams should also sit in the right position, lying directly along where your arm meets your shoulder.
  • Trouser Fit: While there is a bit a leeway when it comes to how trousers fit, a good rule of thumb is that your buff should fall right above the top of your shoe, slightly grazing it when you walk. The back of the trouser should be a tad bit longer than the front, with absolutely no fabric bunching around your ankles.
  • Jacket Fit Around The Midsection: When tailored correctly, the jacket should be brought in slightly at the waist so that the shape is better complemented. On the other hand, the jacket should be able to be buttoned without causing pulling lines.

Showing Cuffs

While this may seem like a small detail to others, we take cuffs very seriously here at Stone Rose. An approximate half inch of your sleeves should be visible when you are wearing a blazer. However, your sleeves should never be so long that they can fall past your hands.

Remove Stitching

When you buy a new suits, remember that there is stitching on the vents that are there so that you know the suit has not been worn before. Use a pair of scissors to gently cut the stitching present in the vents in the back of the blazer so that you don’t walk into work looking as though you’ve never owned an expensive jacket before.

Leave Your Pockets Empty

When your pants are properly fitted, you won’t have room in your pockets to carry around multiple items without throwing your sleek style out the window. Store your belongings in your coat pocket to avoid looking bulky in your finest ensemble.

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