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5 New Year's Resolutions For The Sophisticated Man

New year, new you … that’s how the saying goes, right? In 2019, let that be the case! This is the year you get that promotion or you learn how...

New year, new you … that’s how the saying goes, right? In 2019, let that be the case! This is the year you get that promotion or you learn how to cook your favorite party dish! Nothing can hold you back.

Sometimes, we need a little inspiration to find new goals to commit to. If that sounds like you, then we have you covered. Here at Stone Rose, we offer sophisticated men’s clothing that can help you look and feel the part the whole year — which could be one of your New Year’s resolutions. Read here to get inspired and then buy dress shirts online or other quality men’s clothing items from Stone Rose today.

Excel & Stand Out At Work

If “Promotion 2k19” is your mantra this year, make it happen! It’s not a good New Year’s resolution if it’s not trackable, though. Find a way to make this measurable. Making it’s having a networking lunch with a coworker once per month or putting in a few extra hours each month. How you dress can say a lot about your work mentality as well, so make sure to wear high-quality men’s clothing that stands out.

Grow Out A Beard

It’s 2019 — facial hair is perfectly acceptable at work. If you’ve been thinking about getting in on the trend, go ahead and make it happen! Groom and shape it well and pick up some beard oils to help your beard look, smell, and feel its best.

Invest In Sophisticated Men’s Clothing

Stylish dress shirts, casual bomber jackets, and men’s fitted sweaters are all parts of sophisticated men’s clothing — and you’ll look great when running errands or working in the office. Your wardrobe speaks volumes about who you are as a person. Let 2019 be the year that it says you’re a sophisticated, confident man.

Commit To A Workout Routine

We’re not just talking about hitting the gym here and there or going on a run with your dog. We mean really committing. You’ll feel better and have more energy for family, friends, and work. Find a workout buddy or hire a physical trainer — committing to a hard-and-fast routine will make you feel better than ever.

Get Into Healthy Eating & Cooking

Again, it’s vital to make your goals measurable. Make a goal to whip up one new recipe each week or to take a cooking class each month. The more involved you become in eating and cooking good foods, the more your body will thank you. It’s a creative outlet that tastes great — what’s not to love?

Shop With Stone Rose Today

Ready for the best year? There’s nothing holding you back when you shop with Stone Rose for sophisticated men’s clothing. We offer men’s dress attire, men’s fitted sweaters, quality dress shirts, and many other quality men’s clothing options. Look and feel your best ever in 2019 when you shop our new arrivals today and follow the tips in this blog.
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