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5 Henleys and Tees That Belong in Your Closet

by Anna dejewska |

As a fashionable, working gentleman, it can sometimes feel as though your closet is filled exclusively with collared, button-up shirts. While we certainly love quality dress shirts (in fact, button-up shirts are the majority of what we design), we’re also in love with basic tees and henleys. 

September has just begun and you may be looking for some good transitional pieces from men’s summer clothing to men’s fall shirts. Stone Rose has you covered. When you shop men’s fashion with us, you’ll have a variety of styles you can choose from year-round — styles that are just as comfortable and breathable as they are fashionable and stylish. In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on some of our favorite short-sleeve henleys, ever-popular black henley shirts, and basic tees that never go out of style. Keep reading to find out more about these styles, and then shop men’s fashion with us today to turn up the comfort level in your closet.

Why to Choose a Henley or Tee From Stone Rose

All of our classic henleys and tees are made with ultra-soft, breathable knit fabrics. They feature everything from fade-resistant dyes to unique, reflective details — and that’s just the start! When you shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose, you benefit from our expertise in high-quality men’s dress shirts and our commitment to excellence in everything we do. From the design to the fit, breathability, comfort, and more, these men’s summer tops and men’s fall shirts will have everyone asking you where to buy men’s clothes.

Khaki Triblend Short Sleeve Henley

This khaki green henley T-shirt is comfortable and breathable, while still maintaining the classic henley look you love. This men’s short-sleeve henley shirt is just right for transitioning from summer to fall fashion.

Navy Long Sleeve Modal Henley

Say hello to your new favorite men’s fall shirt in this navy modal henley! With unique reflective details, low-shrinkage design, breathable material, and fade-resistant capabilities, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Black Crew Neck Modal T-Shirt

It’s the basic black tee you know and love — but it doesn’t stretch out or fade after two washes. This men’s summer top can actually be worn year-round because it’s so easy to layer.

Pink V-Neck Modal T-Shirt

Everyone needs a little pink in their wardrobe, and this pink T-shirt will help you get there! It’s designed to resist shrinking and fading, it’s cool to the touch, and it boasts a four-way stretch … what’s not to love?

Blue Melange Performance Henley

Made with unbelievably soft and lightweight melange fabric, this performance henley is just right for the office, a date, or a round of golf. Its temperature-regulating fabric absorbs and releases excess heat, so you can stay cool no matter the weather!

Shop Men’s Fashion With Stone Rose Today

Whether you’re starting the search for men’s fall shirts, are looking for last-minute men’s summer tops, or have been on the hunt for short-sleeve henleys, Stone Rose has what you need. Shop men’s fashion with us today. We never sacrifice on comfort, style, durability, or performance — especially with our basics.

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