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5 Closet Staples In Men's Fashion

by Anna dejewska |

Bleary-eyed, you stumble to the closet and reach for the nearest clothes. What will it be today? A fading, ripped T-shirt from your favorite band or a high-quality men’s dress shirt so you can look sophisticated and cool in the office?

Hopefully, you choose the latter. How you dress at work, at events, or even at home with your kids says a lot about you, your personality, and your professionalism. Sure, a quality dress shirt may not be the best for a game of tag in the backyard, but it’s certainly good for its fair share of other activities — because it’s a staple in men’s fashion. Keep reading to learn what items you should always have in your closet (no matter the current trends) and shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today to buy dress shirts online and have the inside scoop on men’s winter fashion trends.

A Basic Tee

Just how stretched-out and tired-looking is your favorite basic tee? 2019 may just be the perfect time for an upgrade! Men’s summer tops aren’t just for summer, after all — these basics are year-round gems in your closet. Our Basics collection has short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles that are more comfortable than ever. With a high thread count and a snug fit, these comfortable men’s shirts will make you want to wear them daily.

High-Quality Polo Shirts

Here at Stone Rose, we’re not sure that the polo shirt gets enough credit. They’re one of the best pieces of clothing for your closet, and our quality polo shirts feature long-lasting colors and fit better than you can imagine. Get polo shirts online today — you may be surprised just how often they’ll come in handy.

Long-Sleeve, Button-Up Shirts

If there’s one thing Stone Rose is known for, it’s our high-quality men’s dress shirts. With long-lasting color, a superior fit, and exclusive, creative patterns, you can’t go wrong! The only difficult thing when you buy dress shirts online from us is deciding which ones to order. Whether it’s men’s winter outfits or men’s summer fashion trends, the long-sleeve button-up will always be in style.

Men’s Fitted Sweaters

Fashion sweaters for men are cozy, fashionable, and sophisticated. Though color trends may change when it comes to nice sweaters for guys, the sweater itself will always be in style when you shop men’s fashion. Shop for neutrals that’ll work no matter the year.

A Nice Jacket

And, finally, the cherry on top! A nice jacket exudes confidence and style. Whether you’re looking for men’s winter dress jackets or a casual bomber jacket, find a neutral style and you can wear it year after year.

From winter outfits for guys to men’s casual fall fashion, men’s spring looks, and men’s summer clothing, these five staples will carry you through it all. Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today and start 2019 off with a look you’ll love all year. Our men’s high-end fashion is for the fashion guru and novice alike.

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