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5 Closet Staples In Men's Fashion

How you dress at work, at events, or even at home with your kids says a lot about you, your personality, and your professionalism. Here are some items you should have in...

How you dress at work, at events, or even at home with your kids says a lot about you, your personality, and your professionalism. Here are some items you should have in your closet (no matter the current trends) in order to leave an impression on your surroundings.

The Upgraded Basic Tee

A nice, fitted t-shirt makes a man look like he's in control of his wardrobe. He knows to pick a t-shirt which is cut to compliment his masculine physique and highlight his attributes. You might be rocking your stretched-out and tired-looking t-shirt you fell asleep in right now, and that's okay! We're here to step in. The Stone Basics collection has short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles that are more comfortable than ever. With a high thread count and a snug fit, the Stone Rose men’s t-shirts will have you buying shirts in bulk.


Long-Sleeve, Button-Up Shirts

Throwing on a fresh long-sleeve button-up for the first time almost hits as hard as fitting your foot into a fresh pair of socks. The crisp performance material we have on the Stone Rose button up looks great and stays breathable. Stone Rose is known for its solid essentials and of course our more unique and dynamic pieces that speak to a discerning taste.

If there’s one thing Stone Rose is known for, it’s our high-quality men’s dress shirts. With long-lasting color, a superior fit, and exclusive, creative patterns, you can buy dress shirts online directly from us, or from the selected speciality stores that carry the Stone Rose brand.

The Stone Rose Polo Shirt

Anyone with a routine of both business and pleasure wears polo shirts. You might be the most serious guy at work, but the moment you pop the collar on your way out the door for the day, everyone knows it's time to get crazy. The classy polo shirt, no matter how wild the print on it may be, elevates a man.

Unlike the t-shirt, the polo shirt may very well be the only shirt you could fall asleep in and wake up the next day dressed for work. You can wear it to the office and talk to your boss, get your work done, and next thing you know, you're playing golf while talking smack with your friends. In the same polo shirt from the day before. 

Here at Stone Rose, we’re not sure that the polo shirt gets enough credit. They’re one of the best pieces of clothing for your closet, and our quality polo shirts feature long-lasting colors, are super comfortable and fit better than you can imagine. Get polo shirts online today — you may be surprised just how often they’ll come in handy.

Men’s Fitted Sweaters + Hoodies

A sweater is something that, much like a t-shirt, works well for a dude who wants a more form fitting look. With its durable material and breathable build, the hoodie is an unquestionable staple for any modern man's closet. Now, if he cares for keeping his head warm at all, he sees the value in bringing the sweater to the next level with a hood: the Stone Rose hoodie. Great for camping, windy days, and just maximizing general coziness.  Its so cozy that, even thought it is a men's sweater, the woman around you might find an excuse to wear it.

The sweater itself will always be in style when you shop men’s fashion. But the hoodie is what keeps you a-head! 


A Nice Jacket

"You're not leaving until you put on a jacket!" That's what we heard our parents tell us. As grown men, we don't put up as much of a fight to wear jackets. You could say that I love wearing jackets. It's probably my favorite piece of clothing to wear, and my jacket collection is sizeable. I have all kinds. 

A nice jacket exudes confidence and style. It's also an extremely versatile garment, and depending on the weather, transitions well from inside to outside. 
There's no going wrong with the Stone Rose trucker jacket in a fun camel colorway. Heavy duty and built to get stuff done, the Stone Rose trucker jacket is perfect for people who don't actually drive trucks, but still have to move and look great at the same time. 

From winter outfits for guys to men’s casual fall fashion, men’s spring looks, and men’s summer clothing, these five staples will carry you through it all.

Shop men’s fashion with Stone Rose today and make the most of your time. Our men’s high-end fashion is for the fashion guru and novice alike.

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