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4 Trending Hues We Can't Get Enough of This Fall

by Anna dejewska |

If summer is all about blue water and vacation time, then fall is about pumpkin spice lattes and cozy time at home. As we bundle up and start to get cozier this fall, it’s no wonder that the warm, inviting ambiance of fall has ended up in our favorite designer shirts for men! 

Here at Stone Rose, we make fashion for the discerning gentleman. From men’s spring shirts to men’s fall shirts and men’s casual fall fashion, we have all the designer shirts for men that you’re looking for year-round. To top it off, we have all you need to make this your most stylish and most comfortable fall yet. Keep reading to learn what four hues we simply can’t get enough of this fall, and fill your closet with the best of the best when you shop for men’s designer shirts and new arrivals with Stone Rose today!


Burgundy button-up, long-sleeve shirt with navy blue polka dots.It’s deep, bold, and sophisticated — you can’t go wrong with burgundy when shopping for designer shirts for men. Check out these three styles we can’t get over: 

Long-sleeve, button-up shirt in navy with a geometric pattern.Navy

Navy is rich, colorful, and powerful. In fact, we love this fall shade so much that we did a whole blog post on it! Check out these three navy numbers you’ll love:

Long-sleeve, button-up shirt with an olive green tree pattern.Olive Green

You’ll feel green with envy after seeing these designer shirts for men if you don’t add a few to your cart! And after you do, well, then everyone else will be green with envy! Check out these three green men’s luxury shirts we can’t get enough of: 

Image of a dark beige and light blue button-up shirt with a mini dandelion print.Beige/Gray

Beige may make you look like Charles Boyle from “Brooklyn 99” if you wear it from head to toe, but it’s a sophisticated and professional look when it’s a men’s fitted dress shirt. Check out these three styles that are anything but boring: 

Shop for Designer Shirts for Men With Stone Rose Today

From rich navy to bold burgundy, muted olive, and warm beige, this autumn’s superstar shades are alive and well in our collection of designer shirts for men. Don’t forget to check out our new arrivals while you’re here! 

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